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White cotton bloomers with layers of lace insertion

Wonderful Underwear

Make wonderful underwear for your doll. This one day seminar includes cotton for the chemise and bloomers, silk for the slip and laces for all edges. Bring in the doll at least 2 weeks prior to the seminar to be measured so that a pattern can be prepared for her.

Don’t have a doll? Come to our doll build seminar.

June 24 One day $105

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Build a Doll

We have ‘kits’ with painted heads, porcelain hands and legs, and cloth bodies ready to be built. Or bring your own body parts to spend the day assembling them and save $40. Kit is included in the seminar price.

June 4 One day $100

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Want to know how these beautiful porcelain dolls are made? Would you like to try it yourself? Register for our Dolly Boot Camp and have fun while you find out! Participants will paint, sew and assemble their own adorable little sleeping baby dolls. Ages 9+. Click here for more information.

If your are interested in evening lessons, contact us at traditiondollsandwatches@gmail.com.

Featured Dolls


A beautiful modern doll who looks just like a real little girl.

Cody Jumeau

A gorgeous work of lace-draped art


A sweet time traveler from the past.

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